The “Janny Latno – Grant for Quality Programs” will offer individual stipends of $500 annually. Proposals may be submitted in any one of the following categories:

  • Innovative/successful special education programs above and beyond standard practices
  • Specialized support of school/district staff/programs which includes staff development or training
  • Outstanding community and parent involvement/educational activities, benefiting special education students.

Past Winners:

  • 2008: Jennifer Floyd from Region 7 (books for HS library appropriate for M/S students)
  • 2009: Julia Shepard from Region 2 (quilting project with math and science emphasis)
  • 2010: Jennifer Wilson
  • 2011: John Mouanoutoua

The individual grant recipients, chosen by a committee of CARS+ Board members, will receive a free convention registration fee at which the winner(s) will be expected to share the results of their award-winning programs with convention attendees. Winners have several options in presenting their success stories: making a formal presentation at Convention, creating a display for the CARS+ hospitality suite, or submitting an article for publication in the SPECIAL EDucator.

This is your opportunity to toot your whistle, blow your horn, and show us your stuff! By your example, you will help other special educators (and parents, too) find quality ways of improving the educational experience of students. These grants have been developed with YOU in mind. We encourage you to apply and gain the opportunity to implement and share your exemplary ideas and programs.

To apply for the “Janny Latno – Grant for Quality Programs”, please download the application. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity! By sharing your ideas, you will, in turn, enrich the lives of the exceptional children we teach. Please apply now!

Any questions may be directed to Bob Hamilton.