CARS+ maintains active communication, often providing the only teacher input and perspective, with the following state organizations through attendance at meetings and active participation on California Department of Education Task Force Workgroups. CARS+ represents our membership at the following CDE meetings:

  • Advisory Commission on Special Education
  • California State Board of Education
  • California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC)
  • Strategic Planning and Leadership Team for Recruitment and Retention (SPLAT)
  • Assessment Review Panel (ARP)
  • Improving Special Education Services (ISES)
  • Quality Assurance Process Task Force
  • Superintendent’s Task Force on Least Restrictive Environment
  • Comprehensive System of Professional Development Advisory Committee
  • IEP Task Force
  • Partnership Committee on Special Education
  • CAPA and California Modified Assessment (CMA) – Assessment Review Panel
  • SB964 Alternative to the California High School Exit Exam Committee
  • Symposium on Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act ’04 and No Child Left Behind
  • IDEA Summit I and II
  • Recruitment, Preparation and Retention of Special Education Teachers Task Force
  • Focus Group on Special Education Teacher Retention
  • California Transition Community of Practice Symposium
  • WestEd Trainer of Trainers: Least Restrictive Environment
  • High Performing High Schools Initiative
  • Improving Teacher Quality Grant
  • Strategic Planning and Leadership Team for Recruitment, Preparation, and Retention of Teachers (SPLAT)
  • Community of Practice (COP)

At the United States Department of Education in Washington D.C., CARS+ was represented at the National Teacher-to-Teacher Summit in 2004.

CARS+ also maintains active communication and collaboration with the following professional organizations:

  • The Pupil Services Coalition which includes:
  • California Association for Counseling and Development
  • California School Counselors Association
  • California Association of School Counselors
  • California Association of School Psychologist
  • California Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • California School Nurses Association
  • California Association of School Social Workers
  • California Association of Pupil Personnel
  • California Association of Supervisors of Child Welfare and Attendance

The following state organizations:

  • The California Teacher’s Association
  • The California Federation of Teachers