Allow CARS+ to train you and fellow colleagues on the latest practices in Special Education! These trainings can be designed to meet your time frames and needs. Trainers can expand or compress trainings to meet your individual needs and give a comprehensive, professional development training for districts, SELPAs, University classes, or CARS+ Region Events. CARS+ offers, ongoing support with any training needs you may have in the areas of goal writing, monitoring student progress, standards-based IEPs, program delivery, transition, accommodations/modifications during high stakes testing and the new SEACO curriculum.

  • CARS+ Handbook Training: Attendees at this training will gain information on how to write goals and objectives that are IDEA compliant and based on the California Content Standards. This interactive training will help participants gain hands-on experience using the CARS+ Handbook of Essential California State Content Standards for Special Education. The handbook has three sections of goal banks in reading, writing and math to assist teachers in writing goals and objectives.
  • Monitoring Goals and Objectives: This is an excellent follow-up to the Handbook Training! This training will ensure that IEP goals are monitored and documented by staff, indication student progress (or lack of) toward identified goals. This system will help reduce the need for unnecessary assessments by continuously tracking progress on a daily and bi-weekly timeframe. The forms for this system are simple and easily adjusted for any program.
  • Legally Defensible IEPs – A to Z: This training is a combines information from the Take Charge of Your Special Education Program (a CARS+ document) and answers questions regarding the implementation of IDEA 2004. We will feature legal requirements and highlight ‘best practices’ in the field of Special Education. This training is a must for new teachers.
  • SEACO Curriculum and Best Practices: CARS+ is proud to announce that we have trainers willing and able to disseminate this new curriculum for SDC teachers in your districts, SELPAs or University classes. This is a must for your Special Education staff working with moderate to severe students and just one way that CARS+ has expanded it’s ability to reach ALL Special Education teachers.
  • The Secondary Transition Goals Training: This is the companion piece for our Handbook and was designed by California’s leading expert in the field of Transition Services, Dr. Diana Blackmon. This training will include transition language/activities for students 14 and older and provide goals aligned to the California Content Standards.

For further information please contact the Region Director in your area.

Free trainings: CARS+ does not require payment for trainings, but asks the requesting party to provide duplication of handouts, substitute teacher costs, and a travel stipend payment to cover the CARS+ presenter’s travel expenses.