You may enjoy some recent CCSS Resources Highlights by clicking the links below to view/download the documents:

CCSS Resource Highlights •• CCSS Resources for ELA and Literacy

CCSS Resources for Math •• CCSS Resources for Parents and Guardians

Templates to Develop Literacy in Content Areas – A link has been added under the “CCSSO/Multi-State Resources” page, English Language Arts and Literacy CCSS section, to an initiative, Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC). The LDC incorporates literacy into middle and high school content areas. Designed to make literacy instruction the foundation of the core subjects, LDC allows teachers to build content on top of a coherent approach to literacy. The LDC framework is used by teachers as common templates to create LDC tasks, modules, and courses designed to teach students to meet common core literacy standards while engaging in demanding content.

ASCD “Get to the Core” Webinar Series – Another resource added to the “CCSSO/Multi-State Resources” page, under General CCSSO Resources, is a link to the ASCD Common Core Webinar Series. The “Get to the Core” series of free webinars are produced by the ASCD, a nonprofit educational leadership organization, providing resources to help educators with the implementation of the CCSS.

Alignment of World Language Standards and the ELA CCSS – Also included on the “CCSSO/Multi-State Resources” page, a link has been added to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and their alignment of the world language standards and the CCSS for English language arts.

ELA Bookmarks Developed by the Tulare County Office of Education- Added to the “County Offices of Education” resources are the ELA CCSS Bookmarks created by the Tulare County Office of Education. The bookmarks provide a half-page reference sheet for each English language arts standards. Essential skills and concepts, academic vocabulary, and question stems relevant to the standard are noted.

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