Last year, we contacted you to introduce or re-introduce you to TEACH California, the California Department of Education’s online, one-stop information center for future teachers.

This year, we are letting you know that we still are around (!) and need your help, even more, in spreading the word to your students about the information we provide.

California, while struggling through budget cutbacks that are resulting in teacher layoffs now, is facing a future of teacher shortages. Click here to read the rest!

California Department of Education (CDE)

Educational Resources Catalog is an illustrated, annotated listing of Department of Education publications. A copy may be obtained by calling, faxing, or writing. Click the Order Info. link for more details.

CARS+ Constitution and Bylaws

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The SPECIAL EDucator

More information about the The SPECIAL EDucator can be found on our CARS+ Magazine page.

Goals & Objectives Related to Essential California Content

This invaluable handbook provides teachers with assistance in writing goals and objectives that are IDEA compliant and are related to the California Content Standards in the areas of reading, written language and math.

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Secondary Transition Goals

This document provides secondary teachers with goals written specifically for the Individual Transition Plan required as part of the IEP for students 16 years of age and older. These goals help prepare students for adult roles and the quality of life that they envision. Goals address the areas of Self-determination and Advocacy, Awareness, Career Preparation, Work Experience and Community Awareness and Success.

Special Education Waiver Packet

Includes an updated article from a past issue of the CARS+ newsletter on caseload issues and waivers (6 pgs.).

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The California Department of Education now allows for electronic filling in Word. To file electronically use the form below (4 pg.).

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